Tuesday, 26 December 2006

4 way split out very soon

Good clean family entertainment.... Go to www.ronfrecords.com to order this gem and also their other brilliant releases! NOW.

Also have a happy new year. Eller bare et godt nytår!

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Voice Killer

This is a rare image. It depicts a Voice Killer. A being that kills with its voice... It is also the title of the latest Kusari Gama Kill song.

The lyrics are:

Voice Killer
He kills with his voice

Enjoy it at Soundclick.

Merry Christmas or Glædelig jul, from us to you!

Monday, 18 December 2006

The Red Box

No, not that kind of box you filthy swine!

This is a red box, full of human blood.

The Red Box is Kusari Gama Kill song number 70 as well as this posting is number 70. And tonight we'll go watch Merzbow torch Copenhagen!

Happy day indeed.

The lyrics are silly but go:
In the Red Box
Blood is sloshing.

Get it at Soundclick...

Nigel Tornado

Mr. Nigel Tornado has landed - he's no happy man!! Yet again you're in extreme luck! It's just a new Kusari Gama Kill song. The lyrics?


Nigel Tornado
With raygun in hand
Nigel Tornado
A manic man

Get it at Soundclick! NOW!


Friday, 15 December 2006

An African Secret

An African Secret is the title of the newest Kusari Gama Kill song.

It's about treasure and adventure and inspired by watching far too many hero-movies from the 1930s...

The lyrics are:

In deepest Africa
A secret is found
The natives are scared
To dig in the ground
Ruhorahoza Bwankalikali

The last words is the name of a sponser-child from Rwanda mohres family paid for, untill he was killed in the horrible Rwandan genocides... R.I.P.

Get it at Soundclick as usual.

The Dark Forest

The Dark Forest is where neither you, nor Kusari Gama Kill should venture!

In The Dark Forest
The Black Elves rule
Killing the Pixies
They are so cool

Get it at Soundclick!

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Cowboy Zombies

Howdy stranger. The Cowboy Zombies have entered the stage (and Soundclick), and they have nothing good in mind. It is naturally just a new Kusari Gama Kill tune we're talking about. The senseless lyrics go as follows:

Cowboy Zombies
They're riding to Hell
Cowboy Zombies
They don't mean well
Having fun

I hope you have fun too!

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

In Cryogenic Sleep?

I've often read that the inside of a spaceship smells bad. Now you get the reason.

The new Kusari Gama Kill tune is called In Cryogenic Sleep? It's available at Soundclick. NOW

Travelling through space
In a spaceship through Infinity
In Cryogenic Sleep?
Their faceplates steaming

Friday, 8 December 2006

Night of the Pigs

Imagine a dark night, you're all alone outside in the wilderness. Suddenly something goes OINK! A a large shadow is looming over you. That feeling is what the newest song from Kusari Gama Kill is about. Enjoy Night of the Pigs at soundclick.

Oh and the lyrics?


or in English:


Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Concert review by fibra

Mighty fibra has written a review of the concert, it's in Danish, so if you don't understand a word of the following, then scroll a wee bit down to my short translation:

Jeres show var på et ret spinkelt grundlag (vokal og lidt dims?) uhyre overbevisende. Det var brutalt, over the top men ikke desto mindre troværdigt og gennemført aggressivt. Lidt mere øjenkontakt med publikum ville slå gnister.

folk i salen vidste ikke om de skulle grine eller græde, til sidst blev det af-sindigt højt!

Vokalen var monoton men langt mere bisset end indspilningerne. Der var tilløb til noget hekseskrigeri som ville bryde monotonien. Evt noget pissed off grind crunk?

Ordet armagheddon blev ved med at dukke op i mine tanker. Man kunne måske ønske sig kortere pauser mellem numrene.

Meaning: A brutal show, aggressive and true. People didn't know whether to laugh or cry. In the end the volume-level was incredible.

The vocal was monotonous but much more raw than in the recorded material.

Armagheddon springs to mind, but the breaks between songs should be shorter.

Thanks to fibra for photos and review.

Oh, and the image above is a nice little wallpaper for your computer!

Monday, 4 December 2006

Live photos, setlist and more...

Mohre giving his all
Mohre & Dr Tekagi
Mohre & the Doctor
Dr Tekagi
Mohre & Dr Tekagi
Mohre & Dr Tekagi

All photos by fibra!

Our set was as follows:

Kusari Gama Kill (intro)
30 untitled songs
I Kværnens Øje
30 untitled songs
Evil Christmas
Kusari Gama Kill (outro)

Free form noise jam with Sten Ove Toft.

The show was recorded, and will possibly be used as our half of a split with Jesus of Nazareth. More info to follow!

Review of Dead Animal Noise Party

This review is written by Manolo of R.O.N.F. Records.

Kusari Gama Kill - Dead Animal Noise Party (CDR | 2006)


I have been enjoying this dannish guys CDr for a lot of times, thru a lot of listenings while drivin', chillin' at home, and this is great noisecore/japanoise taking advantage of the electronic advances of today, the only acoustic elements they're using are their voices because the rest is all digitally processed... Kusari Gama Kill is about a multi-purpose japanese weapon and it makes sense on their noise with big number of used resources... punching vocals, kicking drum programming, throwing weird noises, smashing vocoders, killer growls, fighting silence, fast moving brutality, assassin effects, disturbing saturation, aggressive samples, thrilling atmospheres, 200 % violent torture from the far East for our heads... and cool themes on every track, they even have a dedicated blog where every tune has its lyric plus specially made drawing/design!!!

We'd like to thank Manolo for the great review, and ask you all to buy his cd's. It's a grand label, I mean Kusari Gama Kill is on it ;-)

The concert saturday went well, pictures to come!