Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Janus' top 20 albums 2011

Hello sugar buns, it is winter solstice, and thus time for my album top 20 of the records I have listened to the most during the last year, limited to one album pr band:

  1. Wormrot - Dirge
  2. Noisear - Subvert The Dominant Paradigm
  3. Brutal Truth - End Time
  4. Despise You/Agoraphoic Nosebleed - And On And On...
  5. Wadge - Grindcore Lu'au
  6. Low Threat Profile - Product #2
  7. Gridlink - Amber Gray
  8. Shonen Knife - Osaka Ramones: A Tribute To The Ramones
  9. Condemned? - Condemned 2 Death
  10. Trap Them - Darker Handcraft
  11. Subhumans - All Gone Live
  12. Insect Warfare - World Extermination
  13. Exhale - Prototype
  14. Cloud Rat - Fever Dreams
  15. Capitalist Casualties - Disassembly Line
  16. Napalm Death - From Enslavement To Obliteration
  17. A.N.S. - Pressure Cracks
  18. Bloody Phoenix - War, Hate and Misery
  19. Ed Gein - Bad Luck
  20. Joy Division - Closer

A fine collection of music, if you are unfamilliar with some of these bands, do yourself a favour and listen to them!

Peace + Love

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Buy this. Or don't. But notice the KGK mention


Transgressive digital grinders Skat Injector are back again, this time on one side of a split with the mighty Total Fucking Destruction, featuring drummer Rich Hoak from Brutal Truth. Released on the European label Hirntrust Grind, this 7" delivers two very different but equally vicious grind assaults. Total Fucking Destruction's side is made up of four tracks ("Human Is The Bastard", "Monster Earth Megawar", "Wounded Unit", "Youth Apocalypse Right Now") of their twitchy prog-tinged grindpunk, professionally recorded live in the studio and heavy as hell, the band careening through their jagged blastcore and anthemic hardcore weirdness with Hoak delivering his crazed apocalyptic ranting in that unique electroshock gibbon-scream of his, with the rest of the band backing him up with some goofy gang vocals. Killer stuff! 
Skat Injector are back with two new songs of their vicious blackened chipmunk grind, the first "Anal Suicide" tossing squelchy electro beats and synth effects over weird circus melodies, blackened shrieks and super-high-pitched chittering screams of Zara Skumshot, and programmed blast beats, followed by the electro-black metal mess of "Sworn To Sodomy" which sounds like a fucked-up cross between Cradle Of Filth and Kusari Gama Kill, digital blasts and screeching Dani Filth-esque vokills scrambling over the warped Hammer Horror keyboards, pounding gabber beats, ultra-distorted and trebly guitars, and disgusting lyrical imagery. Fuckin' love these guys...
Released in a limited edition of three hundred copies. © CRUCIAL BLAST 

A Grindcore Christmas Comp Out NOW!!!

Our buddies at Robo! Robotica, GrindThieves, Magicore, GugerArt and Grindcore Karaoke have decided to spread joy and happiness in the Yuletide. We are proud to announce, that Kusari Gama Kill is on a beautiful new compilation called A Grindcore Christmas Vol. One alongside grovvy and sexy bands like Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Unnatural Selection, Dead Neanderthals, and many more.

Go to and download this ass fucking gem right NOW!

We also want to wish you a merry christmas/jul/yuletide/whatever and a noisy new year!

Peace + Love

Tracklist is as follows:

1. Ryan Page - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Remix

2. James Doesn't Exist - The Workshop Massacre

3. Unnatural Selection - Snowball

4. Tooth_Eye - Like Every Other Amuurikan Holiday, If You Celebrate It You Hate The Red Man

5. Dead Neanderthals - Thunderbolt

6. Buried At Birth - Reigndeer In Blood

7. M.O.S.E.S. - Capitalist Gift Day

8. Totally Pissed Off - Santa Is Satan Misspelled

9. Kusari Gama Kill - Evil Christmas (Live)

10. Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Go Go Bukkake X-Mas Mayan Dream Match Millenium Edition 

11. The Bloody Flux - The Chimney

12. Munkie Poo - Christmas Corpsepaint

13. PowPowSlam - Saving The Snow Princess

14. Girls Run Funny - Santa's Not Here

15. Xrin Arms - All I Need For Xmas Is A Scumbag Summer

16. Silly Idols Feat. The Toilet - Santa Said Whats Wrong With You

17. Totalitarian Hippie Corporation - Totalitarian Christmas Corporation 

18. Bastards - Grim The Frostbitten Snowman

19. Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Santa's Got A Brand New Bag

20. Stress Orphan - Puss And Eggnog

21. Cupcake - Just Another Dat At The Mansion (Children Of The Mistletoe Mix)

22. Tenderloin Hooker Needles - The Little Blast Beat Boy

23. Sakura Pups - God Bless The Children This Christmas

24. Clawz Feat. pWrecks - Something To Celebrate 

25. Bubbles - Trippin Snow Balls

26. Fetal Demise - Die Fire 

27. A Beautiful Lotus - Blue Christmas 

28. The Circulatory System - Joy To The World

Brought to you by the good people at: 

Monday, 5 December 2011

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Buy this! Notice the Kusari Gama Kill mention! Tres cool!

Noisecore Violations 2002-2008 is the complete collection of everything that this Finnish noisecore band released over the past decade, adding up to hundreds of ultra short noisecore blasts. The band sprouted from the infinite imagination of the terminally prolific Mikko Aspa (Deathspell Omega, Fleshpress, Clandestine Blaze, Grunt, Nicole 12, Creamface, Clinic Of Torture), and specialized in a hallucinatory, psychotic form of ultra-violent noisecore that I think sounds a lot like Seven Minutes of Nausea crossed with power electronics and a junk noise free-for-all. The mix of shock-assault grindblast and industrial racket is mashed into a murky stream of deranged consciousness that pounds your skull with one micro-explosion after another. The four second songs are collisions of harsh barked vocals, rapid-fire machinegun blast beats, blown out blower bass and shapeless guitar shrapnel that very rarely forms into anything resembling a riff, loads of screeching feedback, and heavily delayed screams. All of the effects that are used here give this a psychedelic feel, and the band also makes use of some excruciating slow sludge / noise dirges that includes a couple of very brief moments where Nihilist Commando almost resembles Brainbombs for a second, before launching back into the nuclear noisecore holocaust. Like much of Aspa's work, the lyrics and overall vibe for this band reek with a detached Sotos-style appreciation of depravity, and it's definitely not for wimps. There are hundreds of "songs" collected here, and the disc includes everything off of the band's demos from 2002 through 2006, compilation tracks and unreleased recordings, and a live performance from 2008. This one of the best of the newer true NC outfits, and is absolutely recommended for blastnoise deviants who can't get enough of the likes of Sore Throat, Seven Minutes Of Nausea, AxCx, Kusari Gama Kill, Nikudorei, Fear Of God, Final Exit and other dealers in nuklear migraine blast. The disc comes with a thick twenty-page page black and white booklet that includes all of the lyrics, artwork, interviews, liner notes. An awesome, exhaustive document of Nihilist Commando's formless violence. © CRUCIAL BLAST 

Sunday, 18 September 2011

New Old Now

Yay! Our close buddy, Phil of A Beautiful Lotus is celebrating his birthday today by releasing a swarm of albums on Robo! Robotica. Among those, are re-releases of the two first Kusari Gama Kill albums Dead Animal Noise Party and Noisecore Extravaganza. So go get 'em while they're hot!

Available at:
Phil writes:
Our very good friends from Denmark Martin and Janus of Kusari Gama Kill has given us the biggest honor of releasing their first 2 albums which are both out of print and sold out.  The hyperspeed noisegrind masters bring u their freshmen release Dead Animal Noise Party the first of the 2 albums which was released in 2007.  This albums contains 99 tracks of classic KGK doing what they do best, melt your mind brain cell by brain cell.  This album has been known to raise dead animals from their graves and not just during Halloween time.  Knobs have been known to twist themselves, babies will poo themselves, our wives will call us crazy.  But on a serious not we would like to thank the guys of KGK for letting us release these 2 albums.  Keep an eye out for these grind masters as they are no where near the end, and as always keep coming back for free music all the time and please tell all your friends. -RR!

The wait is now over, album number two by the great Kusari Gama Kill is finally out again and is for free! 99 splintering tracks that’ll surely get your heart pumping like a prostitute on meth. It is such an honor for us here at RR to be able to release these albums again for you all to have for yourselves. We do try our best to bring you the best in all types of experimental music and with release number 100 just around the corner we want to let you know that there is no end in sight. Please enjoy all the albums and spread the word about all the great music we have to offer here at ROBO! Robotica. -RR!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Uddercock: Laughter of the Innocent Out Now on Grindcore Karaoke

Yes indeedydiddelidoo... Uddercock has finally been released. Laughter of the Innocent is out on Grindcore Karaoke, 25 tracks in 50 seconds. I'd buy that for a dollar, but hey! It is available for FREE download here.
Uddercock is - as you might know the REALLY noisy band of Martin and me. No more releases will be out from Uddercock though, in the future the Uddercocky tracks will be incorporated in the Kusari Gama Kill releases.

Laughter of the Innocent comes with a filthy and sexy booklet made by J. Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed fame, so don't miss this one!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

New Compilation Out Now: Perceptions of Decadence or, How to Philosophize with a Knife

Our buddies at Torn Flesh Records, have just released a new compilation featuring 50 bands, among those your very own Kusari Gama Kill playing a brand new tune called Snuffed.

Get the comp, here!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Long Live East Village Radio

The groovy and sexy radiostation East Village Radio has made a Label Spotlight about Grindcore Karaoke, they mention three bands, among those yours truly! Read here:

Or be lazy, and read it here:
A duo of librarians from Denmark, Kusari Gama Kill utilize synths, drum machines, and God-knows-what-else to create intense digital torrents of grinding noise cut-ups. Amazing.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Death to Myspace

Yes, you heard the man right! Our Myspace page has been deleted today. We find the site has degenerated beyond repair. We were on Myspace for more than five years, and it's a sad but necessary decision.

BUT we have instead made a Bandcamp page. You can find it at also will soon point there.

So far we only have our latest ep Control there (released May 1st 2011 by Grindcore Karaoke, who also host it for free download). But we aim to put more goodies up soon.

So, Death to Myspace! Long live Bandcamp!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Writing New Material

Hello grinders!

Long time, no news. But right now, we are working on new songs, heavier and more menacing than the stuffed African elephant bull pictured above. We have new hard- and software, and we're not afraid to use it in a harsh manner. So stay tuned for new noisegrind from your beloved dealers. Also we'll soon have a new shirt available on Cafepress, made by a very talented young Dutch artist.

So keep in touch, and remember to visit R.O.N.F. Records and Grindcore Karaoke for our previous releases!

Stay sexy!


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Grinding Aftermath


"69 Tracks from 69 bands, now that's what I call a compilation! We have blended a nice mix of known and established grind bands with a vast selection of those in the underground in the hope to shed some light on the greatly neglected underground. Kudos to Ross of American Aftermath for inviting me onboard to this ambitious grind project, and I hope you listeners enjoy it and as a result check out many of the untapped grind talent looming about on this comp.

I shall devote myself to the grind.

Track Listing

A Beautiful Lotus - The Pump -

Amputee - Barren Fields -

Analdicktion - Teenage Assault Bukkake Ceremony -

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Question of Integrity -

Priapus - Apoplexy Working With The Nutmeg -

Asura - Man Blighted Eden -

Atomçk - Invincible Phoenix Discharge -

Backslider - Steady Diet of Vitriol -

Bastards - Question Everything -

Beer Corpse - Piss Head -

Bodhum - Odio -

Brody's Militia - Devil Miss Kentucky -

Brutal Truth - Blind Leading the Blind -

Corporation - Xfatx -

Cupcake - 30 Dogs & A Suitcase -

Cyborg - Past Denier -

Dead Neanderthals - Pregnant With Steel -

Death Cult Jock - Last Saturday Night -

Deep Shit - Game Over -

Deuscastiga - Fortune.cookie.jedi -

Failure Trace - Five Pills Perennially -

Fuck The Facts - Sleepless -

Grinchfinger - Swallow or Choke (Agathocles Cover) -

Gripe - Seige Bringer -

Hellcore - Nyocot -

Hivesmasher - Vomitouch -

Hoglust - IG Live -

Horsebastard - Master Yes -

Humanity Falls - The False Enmity -

Hydroacid - Handle With Care -

I'll Eat Your Face - Rat Milk Moustache -

In Her Rotten Cheek - Niggling Bastard Thoughts -

Inerds - Limt Yourself -

Infected Womb - Zero -

Inside The Beehive - 150 Degrees In The Shade -

Insomnia Isterica - Tramontata Luce -

Kill The Client - No Leaders -

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual - Your Mother Is A Cylon -

Kuntpuncher - Homeless Simpson Final -

Kusari Gama Kill - Death By Elephant -

Livet Som Insats - Huvudet -

Looking For An Answer - Christianislam -

Masochrist - Demise of Man -

Nemesis Complex - Self Segregation -

Nohari - Fuck Your Scene -

Oblivionized - Abhorrent Evolution -

Otnamus - Dunia Terror -

P.K.I.K.T. - Tanatopraktika -

Punished Earth - The Burning Ward -

Rectal Dystrophy - Touched My Dick Master -

Robocop - Assassination Markets -

Roger Moore - Tele De Merde -

Rotten Sound - Mindkill (Napalm Death Cover) -

Sakatat - Bu Düzen Hepimizi Bir Gecede Harcayabilir + Kayıp -

Screamy Pig - Bite It You Scum -

Social Shit - Chaotic Grind Fucking Devastation -

Soil of Ignorance - Deadmantale -

Tension - Liar -

Terrorismo? - Sobreviver -

The Drip - Fuck Yuppie Scum -

The Sun Through A Telescope - The Priest With One Black Hand -

Think Twice - Disrobe The System -

Vaginal Bear Trap - 30 Seconds Of Unending Brutality -

Wadge - Topsys Curse -

Water Torture - Erased -

Weekend Nachos - Hometown Hero -

Wừu - Rock Việt Là Rock Gì? -

XharoldshitmanX - Perfect Center Power Violence -

ZaSKaE - Memoiren -

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Return of Bobby Blitzkrieg

My old alter ego Bobby Blitzkrieg, used to make strange electronica back in the 00's. Now the songs I made back then will be released for the first time. It is the brilliant net-label ROBO! Robotica that releases the vintage noises. Should be out this weekend!

I hope you enjoy it.

Peace and Love

Friday, 20 May 2011

New Robo! Robotica Compilation Featuring Kusari Gama Kill

ROBO! Robotica - Spring Cleaning Music Volume 2

Go get this baby from the label - FREE download.
Please help spread the word

Label link

Direct link to blog post with comp

Link to the archive page

Part 2 of the most downloaded album in ROBO! Robotica history is finally here!  25 tracks of the most eclectic music you have ever listened to.  Featuring some of the biggest names in the underground scene today from all points of planet Earth.  Using the power of social networking all of these artists have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.  If you are an older chap you might hate the internet and everything that comes from it.  But when you take into consideration that it is 2011, you are probably in your late 50′s, have kids that are graduating college, and so on.  The internet is one of the most powerful tools available today and without it none of these artists would have gotten together to make this sick compilation of music.  Yes I do like making copies of fliers and passing them out to real people on the street, but nowadays you can just type a few words and presto the entire galaxy knows.  I guess what i’m trying to say is that this is the future of music now.  We don’t take no for an answer and we are all here to stay.  Download this now for free and experience life in a whole new light.  Get a broom, mop, and some cleaning sprays and go at it in your living room.  I assure you that your woman will take the time to thank you with some good sexxin and or money for some precious weed.  It’s Spring time, the smell of roses is in the air.  The smell of some good skunk being burned down the street.  Brisket smoking in the bbq pit.  Topless women drinking beer on lounge chairs.  This is the time, the time is now! Thank you and happy listening/cleaning/smoking/boning! -RR!
1. Bologna Violenta // @BOLOGNAVIOLENTA // //
2. NVR-NDR // @_tlr_ // //
3. Kusari Gama Kill // @kusarigamakill // //
4. Kindergarten Hazing Ritual // @kndrgrtnhzngrtl // //
5. Badgermeat // @badgermeat // //
6. A Beautiful Lotus // @abeautifullotus // //
7. Johan Ess // @Johan_Ess // //
8. Kuntpuncher // @kuntpunchersuck // //
9. Machine Within Water // @___coldfish___ // //
10. Cheezface // @cheezfacesux //
11. Doom Eunuch Limited // //
12. Pregnant Spore // // //
13. The Leviathans Mandible // //
14. Blast Perversion // //
15. Kessenchu // //
16. Happysucky // //
17. Tooth Eye // @tooth_eye // //
18. Cadaveric Sludge Dispenser Unit // //
19. Chulo // @chulopv // //
20. Xrin Arms // @xrinarms //
21. Funky Kong // //
22. I Killed Techno // @I_Killed_Techno // //
23. DXC // @DXC_Music // //
24. Lumberjack // //
25. Deadsmiles58 // //
-Cover Art by: Xrin Arms
-RR! Logo by: Katie Broad //
-Contact: // // @roborobotica

Friday, 6 May 2011

New control review

From Zann's Music (in Spanish, machine translations to English and Danish below)

Thank you for this!

-Kusari Gama Kill “Control” (2011)

¿Están listos para abrirse los cráneos con tenazas oxidadas, exprimir sus cerebros con sus propias manos y beberse el juguito que de él se desprenda? ¿Se sienten valientes, aventureros y psicóticos? ¿Andan con ganas de jugar al tiro al blanco con alfileres y sus propios tímpanos? Para los que pensábamos que el “Altered States of America” de Agoraphobic Nosebleed (justamente, J. Randall edita este trabajo en su sello Grindcore Karaoke) era el sumum de extremismo y demencia, el punto más álgido donde el Grindcore, el Noise y las más sádicas elucubraciones electrónicas se daban la mano para destruir la música tal y cómo la conocíamos, Kusari Gama Kill nos ofrece una nueva perspectiva, al tiempo que se dedica, sistemáticamente, a taladrarnos las neuronas con martillos hidráulicos. Esta es la criatura ideada por dos dinamarqueses que, munidos de diversos aparatos de destrucción masiva e inspirados en los aspectos más revulsivos de los géneros (anti)musicales más extremos, ríen histéricamente mientras diseñan diversas formas de tortura auditiva en ocultos laboratorios sónicos. Con diecisiete vómitos sonoros apiñados en trece minutos, el dúo se las arregla para generar chispazos y cortocircuitos en nuestras conexiones sinápticas, a base de blast-beats cibernéticos cubiertos de mugrientas costras de ruido digital y adornados por gruñidos bestiales y un sinfín de infecciones sonoras que hacen que el trabajo de gente como Anal Cunt, Merzbow y Venetian Snares parezca amable en comparación. Claro, ya llevan cinco años esparciendo su enfermedad y, entre sus logros más destacados, se cuenta aquel tremendo “Dead animal noise party” de 2007, donde se despacharon con noventa y nueve temas capaces de testear la resistencia de los oídos más curtidos. “Control” no muestra signos de debilitamiento en su propuesta, por el contrario, parecen motivados a llevar su cruel y febril imaginación a terrenos cada vez más abrasivos, esquizofrénicos y enervantes. Vamos a ponerlo en claro, esto es material extremo. Pero extremo en serio, esto hace que géneros como el Death o el Black Metal (e inclusive el Grindcore en sus formas más arquetípicas) suenen a poco más que un chiste. Y, al mismo tiempo, es imposible no notar que, debajo de la constante agresión y la saña homicida con que encaran sus composiciones, hay una profunda y perversa creatividad musical puesta al servicio de las sensaciones más desagradables. Si se sienten corajudos, pueden visitar (la página web del sello discográfico) y descargar, de forma gratuita, este trabajo y el previo “Chaos surge”, editado originalmente en 2010. Yo que ustedes no me lo perdería.
In English
-Kusari Gama Kill "Control" (2011)

Are you ready to open their skulls with rusty pliers, crushing their brains with their own hands and drink the little juices that it is apparent? Do you feel brave, adventurous and psychotic? "They walk like playing the shooting pins and their own eardrums? For those who thought the "Altered States of America" ​​Agoraphobic Nosebleed (rightly, J. Randall published this work on his label Karaoke Grindcore) was the epitome of extremism and dementia, the height where Grindcore, Noise and more sadistic electronic musings joined hands to destroy music as we knew it, Kusari Gama Kill offers a new perspective, the time spent systematically drilled neurons with hydraulic hammers. This is a creature designed by two Danes who, armed with various devices of mass destruction and inspired by the most revolting of genres (anti) musical extremes, laughing hysterically while designing various forms of torture in hidden laboratories sonic hearing. With seventeen vomiting sound crammed into three minutes, the duo manages to generate sparks and short circuits in our synaptic connections, based on blast-beats cyber crust covered with grimy digital noise and adorned with brutal grunts and endless sonic infections make the work of people like Anal Cunt, Venetian Snares, and Merzbow seem polite by comparison. Of course, I have five years spreading his disease, and among its most important achievements, there is that terrible "Dead party animal noise" of 2007, which shipped with ninety-nine subjects able to test the resistance of the most experienced ears. "Control" shows no signs of weakening in its proposal, by contrast, seem motivated to take your cruel and feverish imagination land increasingly abrasive, schizophrenics, and narcotics. Let's put it clear, this is extreme stuff. But seriously end, this makes genres like Death Metal or Black (and even the Grindcore in its most archetypal) sound a little more than a joke. And at the same time, it is impossible not to notice that, under the constant aggression and murderous rage that face their compositions, there is a profound and perverse musical creativity in the service of the unpleasant sensations. If you feel courageous, you can visit (the label's website) and download, for free, this paper and the previous "Chaos arises", originally released in 2010. If I were you I would not miss.

In Danish

-Kusari Gama Kill "Control" (2011)

Er du klar til at åbne deres kranier med rustne tang, knusning deres hjerner med deres egne hænder og drikke den lille juice at det fremgår? Føler du modig, eventyrlysten og psykotiske? "De går ligesom at spille skyderiet stifter og deres egne trommehinder? For dem, der mente, at "Altered States of America" ​​Agoraphobic næseblod (med rette, offentliggjort J. Randall dette arbejde på hans label Karaoke Grindcore) var indbegrebet af ekstremisme og demens, den højde, hvor Grindcore, Støj og mere sadistiske elektroniske spekulationer sluttede hænder til at ødelægge musikken, som vi vidste af det, Kusari Gama Kill tilbyder et nyt perspektiv, brugte den tid systematisk borede neuroner med hydrauliske hamre. Dette er et væsen designet af to danskere, der bevæbnet med forskellige enheder af masseødelæggelsesvåben og inspireret af de mest modbydelige af genrer (anti) musikalske ekstremer, griner hysterisk mens designe forskellige former for tortur i skjulte laboratorier sonisk høring. Med sytten opkastning lyd proppet i tre minutter, duoen formår at generere gnister og kortslutninger i vores synaptiske forbindelser, baseret på blast-beats cyber skorpe dækket med snavset digital støj og pyntet med brutale grynt og endeløs sonic infektioner gøre arbejdet i folk som Anal Cunt, venetiansk Snares, og Merzbow synes høflig ved en sammenligning. Selvfølgelig har jeg fem år sprede sin sygdom, og blandt dets vigtigste resultater, der er den forfærdelige "Dead festabe støj" i 2007, som leveres med nioghalvfems fag i stand til at teste modstanden i de mest erfarne ører. "Control" viser ingen tegn på svækkelse i sit forslag, derimod, synes motiveret til at tage din grusomme og febrilsk fantasi jord stigende slibende, skizofrene, og narkotika. Lad os sige det klart, det er ekstreme ting. Men seriøst ende, hvilket gør genrer som Death Metal eller Black (og endda Grindcore i sin mest arketypiske) lyde lidt mere end en joke. Og på samme tid, er det umuligt ikke at bemærke, at, under konstant angreb og morderiske raseri, som står over for deres kompositioner, der er en dyb og pervers musikalske kreativitet til gavn for de ubehagelige fornemmelser. Hvis du føler dig modig, kan du besøge (etiketten's hjemmeside) og download, gratis, dette papir og de tidligere "Chaos opstår", oprindeligt udgivet i 2010. Hvis jeg var dig ville jeg ikke gå glip af.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Grind To Death review of Control

Our grind-hero Alex Layzell has made the following review of Control (out yesterday for free on Grindcore Karaoke). The review is snipped from - your prime source for everything grind!
Despite the funky and friendly futurama styled musically inclined alien in the above promotional poster and album art, Kusari Gama Kill don't offer anything funky or friendly, just pure sonic destruction with giant pulses of hissing electronica being violently discharged thrashing inside your ear to your brain in a rampant noise frenzy, the equivalent of detonating a series of consecutive nail bombs inside your head. 
Speedcore, Grindcore and Noise all collide together at insane velocitys creating an undecipherable sonic boom in its violent wake, the end result being an inhuman rampage of scattering pieces of shrapnel sound shattered en masse, still violently vibrating and loaded with energy from the chaotic aftermath of which they were born. 
I am proud to say I enjoy a joyous internet based friendship with one half of Kusari Gama Kill, of which I may confirm contrary to popular belief is 100% human, and one who is good at photography at that. However it is the other unknown half who I am convinced is some dark sinister digital beast that has amassed consciousness and decided its function was to unleash a form of aural destruction upon mankind as punishment for the large scale displacment in the industry and prestige of carrier pigeons, something I might state if he/she/it is reading I also am disappointed in. 
 17 tracks of industrialised noise proceeds to emulate a 13 minute session of audio torture, tapping deep into your frail nerves and subjecting them to a digital overload of artificial noise. If filthy industrialised noise is a form of punishment you like to subject yourself to then this one is certainly one to up the game.

Friday, 29 April 2011

New EP: CONTROL out sunday.

Yes!! A brand new Kusari Gama Kill ep, out this sunday May 1st on Grindcore Karaoke, the best little label out there, run by James Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed.

It is called "Control", and has 17 songs, clocking in at about 13 minutes.

Go to for loads of free grind, noise and fun!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

No Good Can Come Of This

Torn Flesh Records have just released a rather groovy compilation. It's entitled No Good Can Come Of This. Go to and download or die!

Kusari Gama Kill is on it!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Grind To Death Review of Chaos Surge (Grindcore Karaoke Edition)

Hello Kusarites. Here follows a great review by the sweet people of Grind To Death.


The Copenhagen Experiment (Chaos Surge, Kusari Gama Kill, 2011)

at 2/02/2011 02:56:00 PM Posted by Alex Layzell The Copenhagen Experiment (Chaos Surge, Kusari Gama Kill, 2011)


Alex Layzell

Audio Autopsy
Chaos Surge
Grindcore Karaoke
Kusari Gama Kill

Having called the wonderful Eustachian the Euramerican joint answer to Japan's blazing Cyber Noise Act Deathstorm, I have greatly neglected to acknowledge Deathstorm's even more electrifying Danish doppelgänger Kusari Gama Kill who flamboyantly dish out a terrifying blend of industrialised Grindcore warped by an ambivalent psychosis of egregious electronica and naiant noise, in a manner akin to entering the plot of hellraiser via the matrix.

Brace yourself for a 22 minute synthetic assault of epilepsy inducing crash course into the realms of noise and electronics. Heavy use of stop and start shell shock tactics emulate an aural crash course into a digital battle of noise as a continous stream of an insane quantity of beats hammer away at your cranial cortex. Almost paralysing in nature it will proceed across a splatter of 32 tracks to offer to kick your nerves into overdrive as it proceeds to shock your system at speeds and forces that were meant more for torture than for leisure. The only other comparison is detonating a dozen copies of pre Agorapocalypse era ANb through a black hole, recording the result and then playing it backwards via dial up tones.

Vocals are a sickening electronic bastardisation of a deep wrenching scream and coupled with the omnipresent white noise that relentless twitches, we get a filthy machination of heavy and scary of a thundering blitzkrieg of electronic cacophony.

As your local doctor I recommend some electroshock therapy in the form of Chaos Surge, collect it at your local Grindcore Karaoke pharmacist.

We thank Alex for the kind words, and urge y'all to go to the blog and read more about your fave brand o' pop!

Don't forget to visit Grindcore Karaoke, J. Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed fame's new label. Loads of good free albums by Wadge, Robocop, Chulo, Eustachian, Marion Barry and of course Kusari Gama Kill!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Chaos Surge available on Grindcore Karaoke for FREE incl Bonus Tracks

Get it here: including 3 exclusive tracks...

Mr. James Randall, Skag Baron of Agoraphobic Nosebleed fame has made a great new label called Grindcore Karaoke. Loads of free grind, noise and violent electronics available here. Go to for more info!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Kusari Gama Kill concert on youtube!

Earlier this month we played our friend Peter's 40th birthday. Below you can enjoy the gig!