Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Noisecore Extravaganza-review from Vital Weekly

The legendary one-off version of Kusari Gama Kill from the Norberg show, Joana "Eiko" Aderi and Janus.

I must say I'm disappointed of this review, usually VW has something to say about a release, here they just state facts (and not true ones even, we use no "found recordings" but make all noises ourselves).

Vital Weekly, you can do better than this...

REVERSE MOUTH - THE CONFUSION OF THE SOUND OF CONFUSION (CDR by Primecuts Recordings)KUSARI GAMA KILL - NOISECORE EXTRAVAGANZA (CDR by R.O.N.F. Records)BISTURI VRIL/MIXTURIZER - BVM SPLIT (CDR by R.O.N.F. Records)Reverse mouth AKA Panagiotis & Spoulos CDR in barely legible grey print on grey paper fold and nothing much more to find for this particular release on the web. Two tracks with perhaps vocals but what seems in the main distorted guitar more on the second track - repetitive machine like industrial feedback and white noise. Organically flowing, too much of a narrative going on for me here. Kusari Gama Kill is 99 tracks of I suppose "noise core" - found recordings processed screaming and vocals. Even a robot on track 99.The BVM split was more industrial - aural landscapes in which noisy objects emerge. The Mixturizer track (4) being the more substantial wall of (fairly) harsh noise. For some reason I cant get enthusiastic over these - I suspect its more my own depressive state rather than the snippets of over enthusiasm in which these releases seem to float. "irreverent orgy of guitar noise, tightly controlled feedback.... to make the dead walk full of mean and sick killer energy perfection...16 minutes of audio agony dealing with harsh feelings and clinic methods..."? (jliat)Address: http://www.microearth.com/jacksonAddress: http://www.ronfrecords.com/home.php

From http://www.vitalweekly.net/ Vital Weekly 679.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Label needed for split 7" with Wadge


We have just asked the great band Wadge if they were interested in making a split 7" with us, and they are.

So now we need a label for this great split. If you run a label, and want to release a top 10 hit single, please contact us!

Have a great weekend!