Monday, 23 November 2009

New 4-way split tape

Out very soon: Deche-Charge, Human Jerky, V.R.V. and Kusari Gama Kill 4-way split tape.

It will be released on S.A.O.R.S. 

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Collapsing In - 7MON/KGK split out soon!

Well, I guess you'll be interested in this baby. The legendary Seven Minutes Of Nausea and Kusari Gama Kill split cd out soon in 300 copies. I has approx 36 minutes of music and is very wild!

Buy it for a loved one for x-mas! Out in the beginning of December. The title is Collapsing In.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Kusari Gama Kill/Abisyeikah split

Our long-planned split with Abisyeikah - avant-grind from Japan, is finally going to be. We remix eachother's tracks. We need a label for this sick release! Go listen at:

Monday, 5 October 2009

New releases!

Hello grinders. It is with total pleasure that I can announce two new Kusari Gama Kill releases.

Finally we have a label for the Kusari Gama Kill/Wadge split ep. It will be released by James Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed on his new iTunes label. More infor to follow soon.

Also Kusari Gama Kill will be featured on the upcoming compilation Drummachinegun Part Deux Cinema Grindcore out this winter on Relapse! It's a compilation also made by James Randall. He is a good friend and a very active KGK-supporter.

Have a grand evening!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Photos from the Queer Art Trash Party

Yo sassy leute. Here are the first coupla photos of us live from the Queer Art Trash Party. More to come, these were shot by my cousin Kathrine.

Monday, 31 August 2009


This is what you have had hot dreams about since our last show.

An opportunity to enjoy Kusari Gama Kill live.

We are playing with Robot Bathing, Heidi Mortenson and Prafix Aztech at Warehouse9 the 12th of September at 21:00 hours.

A bit about them other bands:

ROBOT BATHING mostly concentrates on post-pop, post-deconstuctivist non-gender specific themes where aspects of composition are questioned
within a framework of general accessability, and where the audience can dance at some sort of obvious level or think on another ... or even do both!

PRAFIX AZTECH, was born the 17th of january 1983 in the small countryside of Russia. Interest in the arts and music early emerge - first painting, then making music, with an interest in the more darker sound/visual in music, a more complex sound, and new way of making music, finding a spot on the map, starting in harsh noizeundergrund, and then IDM/briandance in the late 90’s, releasing on small underground labels in Russia, and outside of Russia. Prafix Aztech is currently working a hybrid between minimal and IDM/Glitch, and doing ambience, still in the more darker sound, but generally is very open for new experiments, northing is too crazy, or wild too capture, and create, like wild animals running around inside my head, just waiting for my lasso.


Soho & Cockwhore ( anything dirty, beats beats.)

Join us!!

See ya!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Chaos Surge preview of cover

Hello baby, did you miss us? Here's something to make your day better. A preview of the cover for Chaos Surge!
Also go to our lovely label's new blog! Stay tuned!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Chaos Surge


The third Kusari Gama Kill album is soon ready for release.

It will be called Chaos Surge and will hopefully be out in October 2009. There will be approx 30 songs on it, sweaty, nipple-erecting noisegrind like you like it.

More information to follow!

Go to to see some intense news, that has nothing to do with us!

Have a grind weekend!


Tuesday, 28 July 2009

When Mr. Randall says so, you obey!!

From Twitter!
So to all labels out there, let's get this Kusari Gama Kill / Wadge 7" split happening! James says so!!
Also Kusari Gama Kill is now on Twitter. Follow us at
Tonight I am going to grind yer fucking heads in. I am making a 50-80 song totally Anal Cunt/Nihilist Commando/Late Insect Warfare-style noisecoretrack for your listening enjoyment!
Please go to this new noiseblog: It supports Danish noise and other noise too...

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New old band picture

Hello baby, here is a new old band picture for your desktop. Use it to calm yourself whilst waiting for us to get a new one taken by kusarite Jens Axel!

Ciao baby!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Wadge and Kusari Gama Kill sitting in a tree. KISSING!

Kusari Gama Kill loves Wadge, and Paulo from Wadge loves his new Kusari Gama Kill shirt.

Remember, if you run a label and would like to make a top 10 Kusari Gama Kill/Wadge split  7" then contact us.

Have fun!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Kusarite Bobby aka Janus in his/my new Kusari Gama Kill shirt

As I returned home - rather tired from a family vacation - I had received my new Kusari Gama Kill shirt. Even if I look barely semi-consciouss, I wanted to share this with you... Go buy your own at

Have fun!


Thursday, 4 June 2009

People of the Swamp

A new day, a new track.

This little ditty is called People of the Swamp, and can be found at our myspace.

It is about my cousins Morten and Gunnar from the wastelands of Jutland.

The lyrics go:

People of the swamp


Monday, 1 June 2009

Great Noisecore Extravaganza review from Heathen Harvest

Kusari Gama Kill - Noisecore Extravaganza
Monday, June 01 2009 @ 02:00 AM PDTContributed by: Skarsnik
Artist: Kusari Gama Kill
Title: Noisecore Extravaganza
Label: R.O.N.F. Records
Genre: Noisecore

Well I’ll be damned, what we have here is something really twisted and I like it. Kusari Gama Kill is the offspring of two noisecore gits from the land of my own blackened soul, Denmark. When I first saw the cover I thought I was in for one hell of a brainstorm and with hindsight it would have been an almost correct statement. Fact is that certain poisonous animals use bright colours to warn of members of the higher food chain not the consume them. This could be true about Noisecore Extravaganza as well, only it is a sonic meal to delicious to resist. The music is quite hard to describe since it’s a crossbreed of intense noise, power electronics, madness, and harsh ambient structures with a hint of drums and guitars drowning in the shadow of the cacophony. Each track is between 10-50 seconds and they follow somewhat of a quasi-linear approach yet feels pretty unique in their own ways. The fact that someone have actually made a song titled Alcoholiday demands a praise in its own way. Under all the noise I can almost catch what sounds like black/thrash metal structures, either its that or it is just a sublime hint of all the styles that combined makes this album. My favourite song on this album has to be Crippled Melted Brain who actually manages to stick out quite a bit from its surroundings with a almost childish attitude in all the heavy destruction. Well its not that light, but still it stick out.. So who would I recommend this to? Well obviously you have to appreciate industrial electronical sounds, noise and a huge dose of madness to real get behind the cover of this album. But once again if you get into noise and power electronics you realise there is such things as good and bad noise, and this is definitely good noise. Of the 99 tracks available only a few felt wrong and even then it felt justified by the mere fact that this is a project based around two gits who must have worked bloody hard to make 99 tracks of pure mayhem that never really gets monotonous or repetitive. Hell even the fact that my bloody cd-player in the car refused to accept the CD proves that this is a heavy album not meant for everyone. If you however like me like some good noisecore to wake you up in the morning then this is your piece of pie. And it is a limited release so you might want to pick it up sooner rather then later. I’ll sure as hell keep my eye out for more madness from these gits, they have intrigued me and that is a rare thing nowadays..

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

New Noisecore Extravaganza-review from Vital Weekly

The legendary one-off version of Kusari Gama Kill from the Norberg show, Joana "Eiko" Aderi and Janus.

I must say I'm disappointed of this review, usually VW has something to say about a release, here they just state facts (and not true ones even, we use no "found recordings" but make all noises ourselves).

Vital Weekly, you can do better than this...

REVERSE MOUTH - THE CONFUSION OF THE SOUND OF CONFUSION (CDR by Primecuts Recordings)KUSARI GAMA KILL - NOISECORE EXTRAVAGANZA (CDR by R.O.N.F. Records)BISTURI VRIL/MIXTURIZER - BVM SPLIT (CDR by R.O.N.F. Records)Reverse mouth AKA Panagiotis & Spoulos CDR in barely legible grey print on grey paper fold and nothing much more to find for this particular release on the web. Two tracks with perhaps vocals but what seems in the main distorted guitar more on the second track - repetitive machine like industrial feedback and white noise. Organically flowing, too much of a narrative going on for me here. Kusari Gama Kill is 99 tracks of I suppose "noise core" - found recordings processed screaming and vocals. Even a robot on track 99.The BVM split was more industrial - aural landscapes in which noisy objects emerge. The Mixturizer track (4) being the more substantial wall of (fairly) harsh noise. For some reason I cant get enthusiastic over these - I suspect its more my own depressive state rather than the snippets of over enthusiasm in which these releases seem to float. "irreverent orgy of guitar noise, tightly controlled feedback.... to make the dead walk full of mean and sick killer energy perfection...16 minutes of audio agony dealing with harsh feelings and clinic methods..."? (jliat)Address:

From Vital Weekly 679.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Label needed for split 7" with Wadge


We have just asked the great band Wadge if they were interested in making a split 7" with us, and they are.

So now we need a label for this great split. If you run a label, and want to release a top 10 hit single, please contact us!

Have a great weekend!


Monday, 20 April 2009

New psychedelic logo

Hello dopeheads, here is a new 60's like logo for your desktop/homeburned copies of Kusari Gama Kill-songs.
All is well!
Turn on, tune in, drop out!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Heap plenty new tracks paleface

Hello Kusarite Scum!

I just want to tell you that a lot of new tracks are up at our myspace. They have just made it possible for bands to put 10 songs on the site, so that we have done, including a great remix of Total Annihilation Through Frantic Thrash by Becoming Flesh Mountain!

Go enjoy!

Monday, 30 March 2009

New video!

Yeah! This video is just in, it was made by Emil Brahe of Danish doomband Sol and of fame!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New album planned

We have decided to start working on a new album as soon as we have completed the splits we are currently working on. This means we won't do more splits right now. We will however still provide tracks for compilations.
The new album will have about 28-30 songs and will be more focused than the previous albums. We hope this will be released on R.O.N.F. Records, as they are the prime merchants of noise as far as we see it.
More info to follow.

New shirt available

Yay! A new shirt is now available at
It is the cover of The Zombie EP in beautiful Colorama!
This EP will finally be released as part of the split with Seven Minutes of Nausea and Hohenkontrolle on R.O.N.F. later this spring.
Remember, if you buy a Kusari Gama Kill shirt, then take a photo of you wearing it, and we will post it on this very blog, and on myspace.
Have fun!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

No we are not dead

Just fucking busy, recording songs for various splits and compilations.

So here is a new press photo for you to feast your eyes on!

Mood: manic
Listening to: Enemy Soil - Smashes The State 2CD

All hail!


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

New song up at myspace

Hello again, we have just uploaded a new song to our myspace. It is called Sanjiv, and the lyrics go:
Sanjiv, mysterious indian.
Where did you go?
Carcass misses you!
It is about the legendary Sanjiv, who did the vocals on the first Carcass demo Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment. A great demo btw!
Let's hear what you think!

Sunday, 22 February 2009

New logo - updated!

Yay, a new logo worthy of a 21st century noisegrind band.

Martin has made these killer graphics and I'm stoked!

Have fun grinders!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Split seeking label

Attention labels:

Kusari Gama Kill, Deche-Charge, Human Jerky and VRV are doing a split(-tape), but are in need of a label. So if you run a label, please contact us at kusarigamakill [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll provide the contact to Nikos who is the man behind the split.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Kusari Gama Kill on flickr

If you ever want to have a good look at a lot of Kusari Gama Kill related images, go to and enjoy!
We will keep it updated regularly!

Kusari Gama Kill supports Danish Vaishyas

This is the Danish Vaishyas blog. Danish Vaishyas is a small independent label and musiccollective. The blog is also a soruce to keep yourself updated on what happens on the danish underground experimental/avantgarde scene.

Go to for a good read!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Noisecore Extravaganza review on Crucial Blast

"We just listed another disc from this Dutch duo a few months ago, but here we are again with a new full length CD of insane, ultra-brutal digital noise/grind from Kusari Gama Kill, one of my favorite extreme grind bands on R.O.N.F. That last disc that I reviewed for C-Blast was the Dead Animal Noise Party CDR on R.O.N.F., which was actually a reissue of a previously out of print disc from 2006. Noisecore Extravaganza is the band's latest, a 99 track napalm blast of computerized abstract grind that I'm betting will have noisecore fans blowing their lids over. At first, you might think that this is going to be along the lines of Anal Cunt worship with the sheer amount of tracks and bizarre song titles like "Decomposed Hippie Breath" and "Obese Criminal Mastermind". Instead, you get a totally synthetic grind assault using drum programming, electronic noise and synths, with no guitar in sight, each track averaging around 15-30 seconds and packed with supersonic blastbeats, robotic vocals, mangled feedback and hard drive splatter, processed death metal vocals stretched and mutated into all kinds of weird shapes and shot through endless vocoder systems, shrieking space-locust oscillations, chopped up drill n bass spasms, menacing pipe organ clusters, grinding industrial piston-pulses and pounding drum loops. This shit is completely out of control as brutal electronic noise and lightspeed machine blasts hurtle out of your speakers uncontrollably, like hearing early Napalm Death being subsumed into the Borg hive-mind and mashed together with Dataclast, Bastard Noise, Noism and Merzbow and spat back out in fifteen second chunks of skull-imploding power. Fuck! What makes this so crushing is that Kusari Gama Kill actually have a pretty massive recording that makes their industrial white-noise chaosgrind sound thick and devestating, in contrast to the messy, murky recordings that you usually hear with other bands that play this kind of stuff. Obviously, this isn't for everyone, probably only extreme grind and noise freaks with a high tolerance for blastbeats and harsh noise will be able to withstand it, especially since this album is around forty minutes long, but for any of you folks that groove on the most extreme grindnoise/blast-troniks imagineable, this disc rules. Like the last one, Noisecore Extravaganza is limited to 100 copies, and the disc is packaged in a jewel case with full color artwork that features utterly retarded-looking demon-mutants dancing around a nuclear blast site designed by someone using MS Paint on a meth binge."

We are totally stoked about this review!

Thank you Crucial Blast

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Where are you? Here you are!

Dear all, here is a map of your locations. We seem to get visits from the entire world, except Africa. Thank you for your support, we would probably do this even if no-one listened, but it fills me with pride and happiness to see that so many care about what we do!

I would like you to send us comments on this post, where you live, what you like besides Kusari Gama Kill etc. We care about you!

Have fun!

Thank you!


Pictures and news

Just a few more pics from the latest show, taken by the allmighty Sune Hundebøll! See his blog here.
Also the 4-way split will be a bit delayed, so a March release is most likely.
We have recorded some great new tracks of which one will be available on myspace later today.
Have fun! I am soon off to Hamburg with my family for some good beer and food!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Tracks sent!

We have just sent the tracks for the 4-way split with Hohenkontrolle, Grand Lungs and Seven Minutes of Nausea to R.O.N.F. Records. The songs we sent are:

The complete Zombies EP. 16 songs about zombies, originally intended for the split 7" with Sarkofachocrss88 that still hasn't happened.

Nausea Revisited a re-recording of the classic song Nausea from Noisecore Extravaganza. This is a 10 minute epic noisetrack, much in the vein of Kusari Gama Earth.

Is it Love? A brand new track.

We look forward to getting this out to you, and to get some feedback from y'all about this groovy stuff. We are very happy with these songs, and hope you will be too! It should be out in March! So stay tuned.

Peace, love, harmony and noisegrind to you from us!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Great news for all you grinding maniacs!

I have some good news for you, the problem is, they are not official yet, but Kusari Gama Kill has been chosen as a contributor to an upcoming compilation on a larger label. We have sent 6 tracks for it, and it is going to be complete mayhem! More to follow!
Also remember to go to and vote for Kusari Gama Kill under "Send Band Requests". We WANT to play the Roskilde Festival so bad!
Have fun kusarites!
We love you!
Go Obama!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Kusari Gama Kill wants to play at Roskilde Festival, go vote!

Dear all, we would really really like to play at this years Roskilde Festival, so please go to the link below:

Click "Send Band Requests" and wish for Kusari Gama Kill!
Tell all your friends!
We love you. Thank you.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Happy new year!

Hello all, just a quick note to wish you a late happy new year! And to let you know that we live!
We hope you are well, and that you have ordered your copy of Noisecore Extravaganza from R.O.N.F. Records, the people who have listened to it so far says that it is even better than Dead Animal Noise Party.
We are busy working on the split with Herpes and the 4way with Hohenkontrolle, Grand Lungs and 7MON!
Also we might be on a compilation from a bigger label, but I can't say anymore now...
Have fun noisefreaks!