Friday, 16 December 2016


This sweet cd is out soon. Including the following bands:
Academic Worms (Brazil)
Adolf Shitter (France)
Anal Butt (USA)
Antero Vipunen (Finland)
Ataque Demencial (Spain)
Atrofia Cerebral (Peru)
Autoerotichrist (USA)
Big Fist Johnny (USA)
Bullshit Market (USA)
Cacasonica (Ecuador)
Castration Rite (USA)
Captain Three Leg (USA)
Celebrate (USA)
Chappa'ai (Hungary)
Chopped Off Dick (USA)
Corporation Porno (Bolivia)
C.T.D. (Germany)
CSMD (Holland)
Cum Sock (Canada)
Cunts (Japan)
Deche-Charge (Canada)
Decimation of Authority (USA)
Deflowered Cunt (USA)
Derrame Fecal (Brazil)
Disleksick (Canada)
The Earwigs (USA)
Easy Bake Oven (USA)
Energumeno (Spain)
Exploding Meth Lab (USA)
Erectile Dementia (USA)
Extreme Hair Stench (Germany)
Facepalm Death (USA)
Facialmess (Japan)
Farting Corpse (USA)
Final Exit (Japan)
Fuck, Bud! (Canada)
FuckFuckNoNo (Greece)
Gonorrhea Face (USA)
Gorgonized Dorks (USA)
Grinder Bueno (France)
Hades Mining Co. (USA)
Harsh Supplement (Canada)
Holy Boner (Australia)
Holy Grinder (Canada)
Horsemeat (USA)
Hypnic Jerk (USA)
Industrial Holocaust (Brazil)
Inerte (Ecuador)
J.O.N. (USA)
KJP47 (South Korea)
L'eclipse Nue (USA)
Limbs Bin (USA)
Lotus Fucker (USA)
Maläd (Ukraine)
Masher (Brazil)
Meth Lab Explosion (USA)
Mierda Humana (Peru)
Money Hater (Int'l)
Morte Lenta (Brazil)
Napalm Death is Dead (Japan)
Neurological Decay (USA)
New Indonesian Sickness (Indonesia)
Noise Soneta (Indonesia)
New York Against The Belzebu (Brazil)
Odiadas Noisecore (Brazil)
Oksennus (Finland)
Oozing Meat (USA)
OneEightSeven (USA)
Pissdeads (Russia)
Post Natal Drip (Canada)
Radiation Vomit (USA)
Raw Noise Apes (Greece)
Reeking Cross (USA)
Scab Addict (USA)
Scruggle (USA)
Sedem Minut Strachu (Slovakia)
Seven Minutes of Nausea (Australia/Germany)
Sensory Deprivation (Canada)
Sewer Noise (USA)
Shitnoise Bastards (Malaysia)
Sidetracked (USA)
Siviilimurha (Finland)
S.M.O.D. (Int'l)
Spacegrinder (Japan)
Suppression (USA)
Teknokrater (Greece)
Tolerance (Finland)
Kusari Gama Kill (Denmark)
Unnamed (Norway/USA)
Unpeace (Finland)
Vomits (Spain)
Why Who What (Greece)
You're Wrong (USA)
XQM (Germany)

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tracks from split cassette with Reeking Cross, Captain Three Leg and Napalm Death Is Dead

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

HeidyYouko/Kusari Gama Kill - The Future Of Noise


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Uddercock/Hack Musician Split HACKED TO DEATH out now

Monday, 22 February 2016

Full concert from MS Stubnitz 2010 now on youtube

We have finally gotten hold of the video of our show at MS Stubnitz in 2010.


Thursday, 11 February 2016


Hello grinders, it has finally happened, Noise Is A Rotting Corpse is out now on Placenta Recordings, get it here.

 76 songs that up till now only have been available as digital releases,
Track 1-32: Chaos Surge. Digital album released by Grindcore Karaoke 2011
Track 33-49: Control. Digital ep released by Grindcore Karaoke 2011
Track 50-61: Serving Science. Digital ep released by Grindcore Karaoke 2013
Track 62-73: Terror Lärm. ep, previously Unreleased 2013
Track 74: Track from A Grindcore Christmas Vol. 2 Compilation. ROBO Robotica! 2012
Track 75: Track from Small Doses compilation. Mortville Records, No Fucking Labels, Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench, Death Agony and Screams, Discos Al Pacino 2010
Track 76: Unreleased remix of Total Annihilation Through Frantic Thrash. Remixed by Becoming Flesh Mountain 2009

Limited edition Of 50 Copies

Don't we look happy! Oh, but we are!!

More news soon!


Saturday, 9 January 2016


Reeking Cross is a new noisegrind band featuring Jake and Mason of east coast grindcore fame.

Mason was so kind to send a Reeking Cross shirt to us in Kusari Gama Kill, so here I am rock you like a hurricane. Go get the Reeking Cross tape or download!