Wednesday, 27 June 2007

On vacation

Kusari Gama Kill has now officially gone on vacation. We have festivals to attend, beaches to conquer, beers to drink and tattoos to be made... So you'll have to wait untill August where we'll return tanned and handsome with new sonic assaults!

Have a nice hot summer!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Little Brittle Small Skull

The other day at work I sat playing with words... and suddenly the new title for a Kusari Gama Kill song sprang to life in my workdazed mind: Little Brittle Small Skull. The lyrics are the same as the title. Have frail fun at Soundclick!


Copenhagen... The name alone gives an impression of love and happiness. It's the city we live in and the city we love. It is also the title of the newest Kusari Gama Kill song. Get it at Soundclick now and sing along to these wonderful lyrics:

City of dreams
City of love

Monday, 25 June 2007

Intro + Band of the Week

We have made a true old school field recording of a clock striking 12. It is a clock from the 1880's that has been in the possession of my wife's Swedish family since it was new. The recording is going to be the intro for the Corpse Eating Vomit album. Go fetch it at Soundclick!

Also this week Kusari Gama Kill has the honour of beeing chosen as Band of the Week by the editors of - the largest Danish mp3-site for upcoming artists. We are very happy about this as noisebands normally doesn't get this kind of attention in Denmark... We thank them from the bottom of our black hearts!

Monday, 18 June 2007

To all Annoying People in the World

Today we present the shortest Kusari Gama Kill song ever. 1 second long and called To all Annoying People in the World.

The lyrics are:

Sod off!!

Get it at Soundclick!

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Short news

Just some brief notes:

  • The title for our second album will be Corpse Eating Vomit, the cover can be seen above. You can get a preview of the album here! The file will expire in two weeks.

  • The song The Hedgehog has been remixed for clearer vocals.

  • The song Stop normaliseringen has been remixed for less clear vocals.

  • You can as allways get the songs at Soundclick.

  • Janus is getting his first tattoo for a decade done on Friday the 13th of July.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Great War

When my father was born in 1917 a great war raged in the world. From 1914-1918 The Great War was fought. We have boiled these 4 years down to 11 seconds. Hell in the trenches!

No lyrics just pain!

Get it at Soundclick!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Love in the Animal Kingdom

Look at this cool fellow. He's a real Casanova on the savannah.

We made a song about his love life. It's called Love in the Animal Kingdom and the lyrics go:


Get loved at Soundclick!

Black Smoker + Castle of the Doomed + The Time Machine

Black Smoker

Castle of the Doomed
In the castle of the doomed
No one knows his fate
In the castle of the doomed
Untill it is too late

The Time Machine
Lost in time
Lost in life

Get them at Soundclick

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Stop normaliseringen

Until 1743 the official way of expressing mourning in Denmark was using a special mourning flag. A black flag with a white cross as opposed to the normal red flag with white cross. Today Denmark experiences a hard time with a right wing government that wants to normalize everything. Closing Ungeren (Jagtvej 69) and normalizing Christiania is just a few of the nasty things this administration is guilty of... Hence this song.

The lyrics go:

Stop det nu
Før det går galt
Stop normaliseringen af Danmark


Stop now
Before it's gone too far
Stop the normalization of Denmark

Get political at Soundclick!

A Giant Among Snails

Woohoo, another song today! Aren't you a lucky bastard? It's called A Giant Among Snails. The lyrics go:

His name is Vernon
A giant among snails
Good old Vernon
Never ever fails

Get slimey at Soundclick!


Corpse Eating Vomit

Back in 1990, I was in Denmarks only noisecore band called Corpse Eating Vomit (mail me for an mp3 of our demo). Now Kusari Gama Kill pays tribute to that great band by releasing a song simply called Corpse Eating Vomit. Furthermore our next album will be called Corpse Eating Vomit. The lyrics for this bubblegum song are as follows:

Corpse eating vomit
Vomit eating corpse
Gnashing and slurping
Can I have yours?

Get it at Soundclick!