Friday, 4 February 2011

Grind To Death Review of Chaos Surge (Grindcore Karaoke Edition)

Hello Kusarites. Here follows a great review by the sweet people of Grind To Death.


The Copenhagen Experiment (Chaos Surge, Kusari Gama Kill, 2011)

at 2/02/2011 02:56:00 PM Posted by Alex Layzell The Copenhagen Experiment (Chaos Surge, Kusari Gama Kill, 2011)


Alex Layzell

Audio Autopsy
Chaos Surge
Grindcore Karaoke
Kusari Gama Kill

Having called the wonderful Eustachian the Euramerican joint answer to Japan's blazing Cyber Noise Act Deathstorm, I have greatly neglected to acknowledge Deathstorm's even more electrifying Danish doppelgänger Kusari Gama Kill who flamboyantly dish out a terrifying blend of industrialised Grindcore warped by an ambivalent psychosis of egregious electronica and naiant noise, in a manner akin to entering the plot of hellraiser via the matrix.

Brace yourself for a 22 minute synthetic assault of epilepsy inducing crash course into the realms of noise and electronics. Heavy use of stop and start shell shock tactics emulate an aural crash course into a digital battle of noise as a continous stream of an insane quantity of beats hammer away at your cranial cortex. Almost paralysing in nature it will proceed across a splatter of 32 tracks to offer to kick your nerves into overdrive as it proceeds to shock your system at speeds and forces that were meant more for torture than for leisure. The only other comparison is detonating a dozen copies of pre Agorapocalypse era ANb through a black hole, recording the result and then playing it backwards via dial up tones.

Vocals are a sickening electronic bastardisation of a deep wrenching scream and coupled with the omnipresent white noise that relentless twitches, we get a filthy machination of heavy and scary of a thundering blitzkrieg of electronic cacophony.

As your local doctor I recommend some electroshock therapy in the form of Chaos Surge, collect it at your local Grindcore Karaoke pharmacist.

We thank Alex for the kind words, and urge y'all to go to the blog and read more about your fave brand o' pop!

Don't forget to visit Grindcore Karaoke, J. Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed fame's new label. Loads of good free albums by Wadge, Robocop, Chulo, Eustachian, Marion Barry and of course Kusari Gama Kill!