Friday, 21 March 2008

John Keel + Virb

Long time no see... We have been frightfully busy at work and in making new tracks for the upcoming 7" with Potabilizadora. Also we have been preparing the re-release of Dead Animal Noise Party due out on R.O.N.F. later this year!

But now we have a great new track ready for you at Soundclick. It's called John Keel, and is inspired by a novel by Terry Pratchett called Night Watch. If you aren't familiar with Pratchetts work, then go read some of his books, they are fantastic.

The lyrics go:

Slowly awaken
Naked in dirt
One eye is missing
Or so I`ve heard

Mr John Keel
Fighting so hard
Longing so badly
For those in his heart

Also Kusari Gama Kill is now to be found at Go visit us!

Take care and have fun!

Happy easter!