Thursday, 10 November 2011

Buy this! Notice the Kusari Gama Kill mention! Tres cool!

Noisecore Violations 2002-2008 is the complete collection of everything that this Finnish noisecore band released over the past decade, adding up to hundreds of ultra short noisecore blasts. The band sprouted from the infinite imagination of the terminally prolific Mikko Aspa (Deathspell Omega, Fleshpress, Clandestine Blaze, Grunt, Nicole 12, Creamface, Clinic Of Torture), and specialized in a hallucinatory, psychotic form of ultra-violent noisecore that I think sounds a lot like Seven Minutes of Nausea crossed with power electronics and a junk noise free-for-all. The mix of shock-assault grindblast and industrial racket is mashed into a murky stream of deranged consciousness that pounds your skull with one micro-explosion after another. The four second songs are collisions of harsh barked vocals, rapid-fire machinegun blast beats, blown out blower bass and shapeless guitar shrapnel that very rarely forms into anything resembling a riff, loads of screeching feedback, and heavily delayed screams. All of the effects that are used here give this a psychedelic feel, and the band also makes use of some excruciating slow sludge / noise dirges that includes a couple of very brief moments where Nihilist Commando almost resembles Brainbombs for a second, before launching back into the nuclear noisecore holocaust. Like much of Aspa's work, the lyrics and overall vibe for this band reek with a detached Sotos-style appreciation of depravity, and it's definitely not for wimps. There are hundreds of "songs" collected here, and the disc includes everything off of the band's demos from 2002 through 2006, compilation tracks and unreleased recordings, and a live performance from 2008. This one of the best of the newer true NC outfits, and is absolutely recommended for blastnoise deviants who can't get enough of the likes of Sore Throat, Seven Minutes Of Nausea, AxCx, Kusari Gama Kill, Nikudorei, Fear Of God, Final Exit and other dealers in nuklear migraine blast. The disc comes with a thick twenty-page page black and white booklet that includes all of the lyrics, artwork, interviews, liner notes. An awesome, exhaustive document of Nihilist Commando's formless violence. © CRUCIAL BLAST