Thursday, 4 June 2009

People of the Swamp

A new day, a new track.

This little ditty is called People of the Swamp, and can be found at our myspace.

It is about my cousins Morten and Gunnar from the wastelands of Jutland.

The lyrics go:

People of the swamp


Monday, 1 June 2009

Great Noisecore Extravaganza review from Heathen Harvest

Kusari Gama Kill - Noisecore Extravaganza
Monday, June 01 2009 @ 02:00 AM PDTContributed by: Skarsnik
Artist: Kusari Gama Kill
Title: Noisecore Extravaganza
Label: R.O.N.F. Records
Genre: Noisecore

Well I’ll be damned, what we have here is something really twisted and I like it. Kusari Gama Kill is the offspring of two noisecore gits from the land of my own blackened soul, Denmark. When I first saw the cover I thought I was in for one hell of a brainstorm and with hindsight it would have been an almost correct statement. Fact is that certain poisonous animals use bright colours to warn of members of the higher food chain not the consume them. This could be true about Noisecore Extravaganza as well, only it is a sonic meal to delicious to resist. The music is quite hard to describe since it’s a crossbreed of intense noise, power electronics, madness, and harsh ambient structures with a hint of drums and guitars drowning in the shadow of the cacophony. Each track is between 10-50 seconds and they follow somewhat of a quasi-linear approach yet feels pretty unique in their own ways. The fact that someone have actually made a song titled Alcoholiday demands a praise in its own way. Under all the noise I can almost catch what sounds like black/thrash metal structures, either its that or it is just a sublime hint of all the styles that combined makes this album. My favourite song on this album has to be Crippled Melted Brain who actually manages to stick out quite a bit from its surroundings with a almost childish attitude in all the heavy destruction. Well its not that light, but still it stick out.. So who would I recommend this to? Well obviously you have to appreciate industrial electronical sounds, noise and a huge dose of madness to real get behind the cover of this album. But once again if you get into noise and power electronics you realise there is such things as good and bad noise, and this is definitely good noise. Of the 99 tracks available only a few felt wrong and even then it felt justified by the mere fact that this is a project based around two gits who must have worked bloody hard to make 99 tracks of pure mayhem that never really gets monotonous or repetitive. Hell even the fact that my bloody cd-player in the car refused to accept the CD proves that this is a heavy album not meant for everyone. If you however like me like some good noisecore to wake you up in the morning then this is your piece of pie. And it is a limited release so you might want to pick it up sooner rather then later. I’ll sure as hell keep my eye out for more madness from these gits, they have intrigued me and that is a rare thing nowadays..