Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Crucial Blast review of Collapsing In

This just in: Crucial Blast review of Collapsing In:

"Spanish label RONF is back with their first manufactured Cd release, a split between notorious noisecore pioneers Seven Minutes Of Nausea and OTT electronic blasters Kusari Gama Kill.
Once again, Seven Minutes Of Nausea crams more than a hundred of their insane fifteen-second bursts of micro-nuke grindnoise into a single long track, which they've titled "List Of Insignificance". It's just over eighteen minutes of brutality distilled into base elements of splattered drum machines, ultra-distorted bass and guitar noise, creepy background samples and vomitous gargling vokills. It's impossible to discern one 7MON track from another, but that's hardly the point of all of this. This is totally devoid of anything remotely recognizable as musicality. It's total warfare, an endless onslaught of microscopic anti-riffs swarming over bleak industrial drone and second-long bursts of spastic light speed hardcore. Samples of howling wolves arise in the distance, while the drummer atacks his kit in a flurry of amphetamine-fueled caveman pummel. Imagine Sore Throat remixed by Gerogerigegege. Or Napalm Death’s "You Suffer" covered by a malfunctioning garbage disposal unit.
Kusari Gama Kill are one of my favorite newer noisecore outfits. Their previous discs on RONF are all pretty killer, and they incorporate heavy use of digital effects into their short, thirty second eruptions of zombie obsessed grind-chaos. On their half of this split, the Danish maniacs deliver eighteen tracks of crazed electronic beats, fried digital noise, fucked-up hyperspeed gabber blasts, and hoarse, fearsome vokills that sound like a demon screaming from inside the guts of a Commodore 64 system, with titles like "Zombie Riot", "Urban Dead" "Ransacking The Mall" and "Headshots Galore". It's like grindcore being composed exclusively using sampled computer game sound effects, like Merzbow remixing early Earache speedcore, an extreme blasting vortex of hard drive speed violence. The exception is "Nausea Revisited", a ten minute track that appears to be the members of Kusari Gama Kill remixing 7MON material into a massive creeping dronescape of low end thrum, ominous drone and spacey effects, and time-stretched grindbursts that shifts between stuff that sounds like Bastard Noise mixed with droning grind guitars and stretches of death industrial-like heaviness. Very cool. Digi-violence freaks who dig stuff like Noism, Dataclast and Agoraphobic Nosebleed need to check these guys out. 
Limited edition of 300 copies"

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