Friday, 30 November 2007

Alonso - a true KGK-fan!

We just received this photo of Kusari Gama Kill-fan Alonso in his Dead Animal Noise Party shirt, Alonso tells about himself:

"I'm into the noise experimental music too, my personal project is Scumearth and i make "dark ambient noise" also i have a other noise project with Bonesfield calling Scum&Bones play "sci-fi noise electronics" he he... also i'm a four member of the horror-grind core Machetazo i a live support and make noises for the last records..."

As a big Machetazo fan it is great to have Alonso liking KGK, look out for possible splits with his projects!

Send in your own photo of you in a KGK shirt, and get famous like Alonso!

Mind over Matter + facebook

Soon christmas is here, so we thought it would be a good time to release a new track. It's called Mind over Matter, and is an antinazisong. The lyrics go:
Fight the nazis
Use your brains
Mind over matter
Brain over muscle

Get it at soundclick.

Also Kusari Gama Kill has made a facebook-profile, follow the link to the right, become a fan and make us happy...

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Noisecore Extravaganza 1-10 + some info

Hello, we have to announce a wee break in the production of our second album. The reason is that we have to focus on making the tracks for the 7" split with Sarkofachocrss88. There will be ca 15 new exclusive Kusari Gama Kill songs on it, and all the songs will have zombies as a theme. Titles so far are Zombie Riot, Viva El Walking Dead and Breaking Bones and Barricades. The songs are brutal as always and there might come a little preview on our myspace of one or two of the songs from this split.

Some new splits are on the way, among these a split with Croatian legends Gruuthaagy and a split with american noisecoreband Kumkrusted. We are on the second R.O.N.F. Records net-compilation, and will appear on a 10-way split made by the Kumkrusted crew.

Finally the long awaited split with legendary american noisegrinders Jesus of Nazareth is soon released. The Kusari Gama Kill tracks are being mastered in the USA by a cool guy named Kevin and Jake of JON.

Also, this time we really have a treat for you! 10 songs in 20 seconds! They are called Noisecore Extravaganza 1-10 and they are very groovy... You can get them at Soundclick.

The lyrics are:

1: Explosions
2: Blasts
3: Growls
4: Horror
5: Noise
6: Zombies
7: Attack
8: Speed
9: Screams
10: Chaos

The usual stuff really.

Take care, and go get a t-shirt at CafePress while you wait for the 7" and all the splits.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Holm + Critical Mass

Ooops, a wee break there, but now we're back!

Two new songs are up, Critical Mass and Holm.

Holm is a story about a quiet librarian named Holm that turns into a weretrucker! He goes on a binge and has sex as the first person ever in a Kusari Gama Kill song! Also it features the vocal talents of my yorkie Betty.

Critical Mass has the following lyrics:

Critical mass
Questioning God

Enjoy them at Soundclick!

Also this is posting # 160 in this blog...