Monday, 31 August 2009


This is what you have had hot dreams about since our last show.

An opportunity to enjoy Kusari Gama Kill live.

We are playing with Robot Bathing, Heidi Mortenson and Prafix Aztech at Warehouse9 the 12th of September at 21:00 hours.

A bit about them other bands:

ROBOT BATHING mostly concentrates on post-pop, post-deconstuctivist non-gender specific themes where aspects of composition are questioned
within a framework of general accessability, and where the audience can dance at some sort of obvious level or think on another ... or even do both!

PRAFIX AZTECH, was born the 17th of january 1983 in the small countryside of Russia. Interest in the arts and music early emerge - first painting, then making music, with an interest in the more darker sound/visual in music, a more complex sound, and new way of making music, finding a spot on the map, starting in harsh noizeundergrund, and then IDM/briandance in the late 90’s, releasing on small underground labels in Russia, and outside of Russia. Prafix Aztech is currently working a hybrid between minimal and IDM/Glitch, and doing ambience, still in the more darker sound, but generally is very open for new experiments, northing is too crazy, or wild too capture, and create, like wild animals running around inside my head, just waiting for my lasso.


Soho & Cockwhore ( anything dirty, beats beats.)

Join us!!

See ya!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Chaos Surge preview of cover

Hello baby, did you miss us? Here's something to make your day better. A preview of the cover for Chaos Surge!
Also go to our lovely label's new blog! Stay tuned!

Friday, 7 August 2009

Chaos Surge


The third Kusari Gama Kill album is soon ready for release.

It will be called Chaos Surge and will hopefully be out in October 2009. There will be approx 30 songs on it, sweaty, nipple-erecting noisegrind like you like it.

More information to follow!

Go to to see some intense news, that has nothing to do with us!

Have a grind weekend!