Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Grindcore Party and an old review

We are playing live in Ungdomshuset in September, read about it here:

The line up is:
Gindcore Family Weekend:
Attack of Rage (sk)
Agathocles (be)
Ingrowing (cz)
Niematotamto (pl)
Dogmatist (dk)
Volto (dk)
Märesvin (dk)
Parasight (dk)
I Like Bugs (uk)
Swarm (dk)
Sqaush Bowels (pl)
Solid Noise (dk)
Diagnosis Bastard (se/uk)
Ajuna (dk)
Gestapolis (dk)
Preggy Punch (dk)
Kusari Gama Kill (dk)
No Fealty (dk)
Ingrowing (cz)
M.D.A (dk)

Also, here is an old review of Dead Animal Noise Party in Spanish:

Machine translates it to this:

There are days I do not regret to know a little more of Grind Metal, which I have special attachment to bands like Napalm Death or Deicide, which I believe are veteran teachers in the field, but not instead of do not I have especially enjoyed meeting so thoroughly is the genre Noise, is as little as a handful of forgettable bands but hopefully resuming them to bring good material, meanwhile, is worth taking a look at these Kusari Gama Kill of Denmark, who bring us Grind / Noise stuck, you hardly find attractive so that you feel you want to hear more, as it is like the old ring tones that lasted more than the call continued. Anyway, despite not being nice to the ears, it is a good experience for those looking to expand their horizons with projects sound as rare as this, is so feel free diffusion in the comfort of relax and appreciate each almost 100 songs to complete this project. "This is not art, it 's noise"