Saturday, 7 February 2009

Noisecore Extravaganza review on Crucial Blast

"We just listed another disc from this Dutch duo a few months ago, but here we are again with a new full length CD of insane, ultra-brutal digital noise/grind from Kusari Gama Kill, one of my favorite extreme grind bands on R.O.N.F. That last disc that I reviewed for C-Blast was the Dead Animal Noise Party CDR on R.O.N.F., which was actually a reissue of a previously out of print disc from 2006. Noisecore Extravaganza is the band's latest, a 99 track napalm blast of computerized abstract grind that I'm betting will have noisecore fans blowing their lids over. At first, you might think that this is going to be along the lines of Anal Cunt worship with the sheer amount of tracks and bizarre song titles like "Decomposed Hippie Breath" and "Obese Criminal Mastermind". Instead, you get a totally synthetic grind assault using drum programming, electronic noise and synths, with no guitar in sight, each track averaging around 15-30 seconds and packed with supersonic blastbeats, robotic vocals, mangled feedback and hard drive splatter, processed death metal vocals stretched and mutated into all kinds of weird shapes and shot through endless vocoder systems, shrieking space-locust oscillations, chopped up drill n bass spasms, menacing pipe organ clusters, grinding industrial piston-pulses and pounding drum loops. This shit is completely out of control as brutal electronic noise and lightspeed machine blasts hurtle out of your speakers uncontrollably, like hearing early Napalm Death being subsumed into the Borg hive-mind and mashed together with Dataclast, Bastard Noise, Noism and Merzbow and spat back out in fifteen second chunks of skull-imploding power. Fuck! What makes this so crushing is that Kusari Gama Kill actually have a pretty massive recording that makes their industrial white-noise chaosgrind sound thick and devestating, in contrast to the messy, murky recordings that you usually hear with other bands that play this kind of stuff. Obviously, this isn't for everyone, probably only extreme grind and noise freaks with a high tolerance for blastbeats and harsh noise will be able to withstand it, especially since this album is around forty minutes long, but for any of you folks that groove on the most extreme grindnoise/blast-troniks imagineable, this disc rules. Like the last one, Noisecore Extravaganza is limited to 100 copies, and the disc is packaged in a jewel case with full color artwork that features utterly retarded-looking demon-mutants dancing around a nuclear blast site designed by someone using MS Paint on a meth binge."

We are totally stoked about this review!

Thank you Crucial Blast

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