Monday, 2 May 2011

Grind To Death review of Control

Our grind-hero Alex Layzell has made the following review of Control (out yesterday for free on Grindcore Karaoke). The review is snipped from - your prime source for everything grind!
Despite the funky and friendly futurama styled musically inclined alien in the above promotional poster and album art, Kusari Gama Kill don't offer anything funky or friendly, just pure sonic destruction with giant pulses of hissing electronica being violently discharged thrashing inside your ear to your brain in a rampant noise frenzy, the equivalent of detonating a series of consecutive nail bombs inside your head. 
Speedcore, Grindcore and Noise all collide together at insane velocitys creating an undecipherable sonic boom in its violent wake, the end result being an inhuman rampage of scattering pieces of shrapnel sound shattered en masse, still violently vibrating and loaded with energy from the chaotic aftermath of which they were born. 
I am proud to say I enjoy a joyous internet based friendship with one half of Kusari Gama Kill, of which I may confirm contrary to popular belief is 100% human, and one who is good at photography at that. However it is the other unknown half who I am convinced is some dark sinister digital beast that has amassed consciousness and decided its function was to unleash a form of aural destruction upon mankind as punishment for the large scale displacment in the industry and prestige of carrier pigeons, something I might state if he/she/it is reading I also am disappointed in. 
 17 tracks of industrialised noise proceeds to emulate a 13 minute session of audio torture, tapping deep into your frail nerves and subjecting them to a digital overload of artificial noise. If filthy industrialised noise is a form of punishment you like to subject yourself to then this one is certainly one to up the game.

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