Wednesday, 8 August 2007

We're back!

Yes indeedy diddely do, the Kusari-boys are back, rested and pale after weeks in the rainy Danish summer... We have two new songs for you, the first is called There is no Need to be Afraid. It's our longest song ever. Two minutes of terror! We decided just this once to break our "no longer than one minute" rule.

The lyrics go:

There is no need
To be afraid
When you're alone
There is no need
There is no need
To be afraid
When no one's there
There is no need

We hope you enjoy it!

The second song is called Obese Criminal Mastermind

As you can see you must shiver in frightened anticipation of what this chubby fellow plans! The lyrics are:

You must remember:
He's fat, he's evil and he's incredibly clever
He's an obese

Go get both at Soundclick, and return soon for more noisecore from your loving Kusari Gama Kill

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