Saturday, 16 August 2008

Dead Animal Noise Party out NOW

'Dead Animal Noise Party'
2008 Edition CDr
This is a 2008 special edition of these Dannish Cyber Noisecore maniacs Debut back in 2006 and including more tracks they included on the 2007 version of this great record.
99 tracks on 48 minutes of pure insane Noisecore cyber violence and nihilistic-core gore torture. Noisecore / Japanoise taking advantage of the electronic advances of today, the only acoustic elements they're using are their voices because the rest is all digitally processed... Kusari Gama Kill is about a multi-purpose japanese weapon and it makes sense on their noise with big number of used resources... punching vocals, kicking drum programming, throwing weird noises, smashing vocoders, killer growls, fighting silence, fast moving brutality, assassin effects, disturbing saturation, aggressive samples, thrilling atmospheres 200 % violent torture from the far East Danish fed minds of Janus Blomfro and Martin Weile for our heads... Brutal sounds ment to be played loud right to your head

More than anything that your cd player would like to handle
48 minutes Length!! 50 copies pressed!!Plastic transparent case / Full colour glossy cover / Artful cd printing.

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