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Kusari Gama Kill Interview from Extremenoise Magazine & Productions

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Kusari Gama Kill entrevista

Interview with Janus

ENM: That it makes you former KGK.
KGK: Before KGK I played in the first Danish grindcore band Sardonic Death and the first Danish noisecore band Corpse Eating Vomit. Martin and I have also played together in a band called Kvaernsten that was slow motion heavy noise.

ENM: Influences?.
KGK: My influences is bands like Sore Throat, Nihilist Commando, Merzbow, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Prosthetic Cunt, Potabilizadora, Jesus of Nazareth, Abisyeikah, CSMD, Spike Pile Driver, old Napalm Death, old Carcass, The County Medical Examiners, Regurgitate, The Gerogerigegege, Gore Beyond Necropsy, Nunwhore Commando 666 and Last Days of Humanity.

ENM: Because to play Noise and not another style?.
KGK: Noise is what I like and listen to, and is for me the most fullfilling kind of sound. The more extreme the noise is, the more I like it, so we try to make Kusari Gama Kill as intense as possible.

ENM: How are its presentations, the answer of the public.
KGK: People have mostly given us good feedback. We have played one concert and the audience liked it, so we have good response. We have just been chosen as Band of the Week on the largest Danish mp3-site for upcoming artists by the editors, that was a great honour.

ENM: Have had difficult moments, where they have had the idea to finish with this.
KGK: No I don't think we have had any difficulties in Kusari Gama Kill. As long we have fun, we will continue.

ENM: Tell me of split that they have glided.
KGK: We are on the following splits: 4 way split from R.O.N.F. Records with Fatal Position, Permanent Death and Arseterrör. 4 way split with 3 Danish bands on BSBTA Records The first Iwithsiae compilation The first net-compilation from R.O.N.F. Records. And we are working on a split with the legendary US-band Jesus of Nazareth that wille be out on R.O.N.F. Records and also a split with Danish bands NXFXTXEX and Hara Kiriyama Fights the Japanaught to be released on Organic Pipeline Records.

ENM: They have had opportunity to hear some Chilean band.
KGK: I don't know much about South American music... We have a contact in Ecuador and one in Brazil, and that's about is... So let us know about your local noise.

ENM: Noise in your country is a real scene.
KGK: There is not much of a noisescene in Denmark.... There are the bands we are going to make a split with as mentioned above, and a very cool noisecoreband called Combat Cunt. But the scene is growing. I must not forget The Grindnoise Boyband that uses samples of George W Bush for vocals.

ENM: The KGK's future.
KGK: We want to make more songs, more splits, more shows and hopefully do some vinyl at some point.

ENM: Line-up.
KGK: We are: Janus: Drum programming and vocals Martin: Noise and graphics.

ENM: Tell us of your cd Corpse eating vomit.
KGK: Corpse Eating Vomit will be our second album. It will contain 99 tracks. The title is the name of my old noisecoreband, like a tribute to that band.

ENM: How it has been to work with R.O.N.F..
KGK: R.O.N.F. is a super label! Manolo and Javi are totally nice guys, and they support us a lot!! I also really love their releases - they rule!.

ENM: Which you are inspiration to write(Lirics).
KGK: My inspiration for the lyrics is all things I consider cool, macabre or fun or all three... I like old horrorfilms and I have read a lot of science fiction. Also other bands inspire like The Misfits and Gore Beyond Necropsy.

ENM: Any word for finish?.
KGK: Thank you so much for interviewing us, it means a lot! Thank you for your support, and stay wild! Tell us about Chilean noise please!!. Take care, Janus.

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