Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Brilliant Dead Animal Noise Party review from Crucial Blast

This is taken from http://www.crucialblastshop.net/

"Following their recent split CD-R with Jesus Of Nazareth that also came out on RONF, the Danish Egrind duo Kusari Gama Kill return with their own full length disc of insane digital grindcore/noise. Actually, it looks like this was originally released back in 2006 but has been re-released here with additional material, with 99 tracks in all clocking in at 48 minutes. Kusari Gama Kill are one of the cooler noisecore bands on the RONF label, playing a ferocious style of synthetic grind that uses blasts of raging noise along the lines of Merzbow, Masonna, or Incapacitants, deep, heavily processed death metal vocals mutated by tons of FX and pitch shifting, evil robot chanting and vocoder abuse, harsh electronic textures and bizarre samples, and over-the-top drum machine programming that drills through your skull at 800 bpm. The lack of guitars or bass sets this apart from alot of other digital-grinders and makes these short, twenty second spasms sound totally alien and inorganic; this is severely fucked extreme music that makes me think of old noisecore stuff like Sore Throat or Fear Of God being hurtled through the trippy spaceship noise chaos of K.K. Null's solo electronics and the chopped-up, spastic electronica of Venetian Snares. The tracks are also augmented by impossibly deep, subsonic rumblings, grim atmospheric ambience, segments of bizarre cyborg punk, blazing feedback that spikes through the torrents of hyperspeed drum blasts, and damaged, distorted quasi-jungle rhythms that keep things varied and throw in unexpected twists and turns throughout the discs massive run time. Definitely one of the weirdest discs that RONF has turned me on to, and highly recommended to fans of extreme, experimental digital grindcore and splatter-electronica. The disc comes in a clear plastic case with full color cover artwork and an eight page full color booklet that has a bunch of whacked-out cartoon artwork from the band. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies."

What can I say? This is sooooo cool! Thank you Crucial Blast!

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