Friday, 8 January 2010

Buy this! Notice the Kusari Gama Kill mention! Tres cool!

Two live recordings make up this blistering cassette from the Floridian noisecore band Nuclear II, which is actually a solo project from Rick Smith, who is probably better known to most of you as the drummer for sludgepop titans Torche and grinders Shitstorm. As Nuclear II, Rick kicks up a furious storm of harsh, ultra-distorted improvised blastnoise using just a minimal drum kit and triggered noise, blasting shockwaves of brutal distortion through an amplifier as he whips up a tornado assault of blastbeats and rolls on his kit. It's a vicious noisecore attack that reminds me of Seven Minutes Of Nausea and their super-short blasts of percussive noise, but Nuclear II's "songs" are even more difficult to discern, and the two live sets that are documented on the Population Decimation cassette each feel like a non-stop ten-plus minute wall of blasting mayhem, an endless assault of furious freeform drumming that veers chaotically between hyper speed blastbeats and frantic free-jazz fills. The deafening blasts of bass-heavy noise and oscillating feedback that Rick emits over his percussive battery are strafed by shrieking harpy vokills, unleashing radioactive fire over the orgy of apocalyptic free-grind destruction. Sounds a whole lot like Masonna and Anal Cunt and Seven Minutes Of Nausea and the noisiest, most brutal free-jazz drumming imaginable, all smashed together in a skull-shredding cacophony. Sweet! The two live sets featured here are both from September 2009, one taken from a show at Claustrophobia Inc. in Gainesville, Florida, and the other from Radioactive Records in Fort Lauderdale. If yer a fan of stuff like Nikudorei, Deche-Charge, Anal Cunt, 7MON, Nihilist Commando, Kusari Gama Kill, New York Against The Belzebu, Anal Massaker, Arsedestroyer, Ptao and Sore Throat, you'll love this shit. We nabbed some of the last copies of this super-limited cassette, which is limited to 99 copies and packaged in black and white sleeves on professionally manufactured cassettes. Oh, and you can check out a clip of Nuclear II live on Youtube here: . Total mayhem! © CRUCIAL BLAST

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