Saturday, 6 December 2014

New releases and more

This week I got mail from Alex of Kydoimos Records. 10 cassettes of our latest release Modern Culture Is Dead. You should get one as soon as possible, as the supply is limited.

We are currently doing recordings for two new releases:

  • A split called "Drum Tactics" with Girls Names out in early 2015 on Placenta Recordings as download only. The tracks for this split will be the last recordings done in the traditional Kusari Gama Kill style, as we have decided to concentrate on the more classic noisecore featured on Modern Culture Is Dead. Below is the video of the track Barking Orders from this split.

  • A new ep called "Beyond The Veil Of Flesh" continuing our exploration of true old school noisecore. Song titles so far are Asphalt Daughters and Secular Blackout. Most likely this will be released as a free download on Noisegrind Bastard Recordings in 2015.
  • And speaking of Noisegrind Bastard (my teeny tiny noise label), have a peek, there are 16 free releases of weird/noisy/aggressive music for download.
  • On a personal note, none of you might have wondered my name change from Blomfrø to Welling, I've been divorced and retaken my maiden name.
I hope you'll have a fun December, stay tuned for my yearly top 20 of the music I listened to the most in 2014, coming later this month.

Peace and love!

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