Saturday, 17 March 2007

Big Brother

At MyMusic Kusari Gama Kill made the promise that anyone who reviewed our album Dead Animal Noise Party would get a song. The user Big Brother did a fine review, hence this song.

The lyrics go:

Big Brother

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The review is as follows:

MMMMM (out of 6 possible)
Because of this album remain it should you love, is mainly. Noise of clean flower of smell of being broken eye of being broken eye!

We should not worry concerning the foolish noise which this album which it can dance never makes, however, when you hear, we would like to be moved by clearly. The track/truck is short very, completely. 100 seconds of pain dearly it must be I because of one. The album of concept - there is pleasantly straw raincoat thought of noise of concept, very! Exactly in the track/truck the listening person (or in bad state? The new thought) of using the fact that the intended this shortage which challenges because feeling is good is done.

When it comes to achknowledge, music of this type, you must inquire about the murder of Kusari Gama Kill! As for many truths there is no noise party of the cadaver of the animal noise party, however many actuality is that, it is.

You hold the fact that so it adjusts the time recently, depends on modification many of consolation and hears "music" exactly in splendid heart. This is not because of MTV! This is not because of Airplay of the radio however (the track/truck is somewhat short). Today disturbance of the world that makes be prominent with this album really special what. That however something heart of the person is not caught in about other ones, is good noise. Actually the venture of Lovecraftian of another form this can be compared, exactly.

Make the sweet love in this!

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