Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Yet another review, this time from TICKET. The song about this working class hero can be heard at Soundclick. Go listen, also listen to TICKET's stuff at MySpace! The lyrics go:

Lover of flesh
Lover of noise

MMMMM (out of 6 possible)
Kusari Gama Kill: Dead Animal Noise Party

Theres lots of Noisecore around today, although this genre is still underground. Political stuff, nihilistic stuff, naughty porn stuff. But whats the best soundtrack to hanging out at a Pachinko machine in Tokyo late at night, having a sushi snack and then getting into a fight with drunk Cannibal Yakuzas, who made fun of your gothic lolita girlfriend???

Well, its Kusari Gama Kill ofcourse!! Harsh and Fast Blasting Noise waves are mixed with totally angry and retarded primitive vocals and sometimes there are heavy heavy drumcomputer blastbeats at a speed where techno already becomes high pitched splittercore.

If you think old noisecore like 7Mon is too lo-fi and pessimistic, then this demo will surely make you grin all through its short playtime: It has the energy and focus a Merzbow/Anal Cunt split would have had.

Some tracks are even "artsy", clever little noise pearls like for example "Death in Slo Motion", which proove that those guys dont use their noise samples mindless but with an intent and a sound sensitivity, thats leads to brutal and exciting results.

The only reason why I dont give the full points is cause of the production (the vocals are a bit too loud for my taste), but the first Carcass LP sounded like shit too and nobody cares.
And I am sure the next release will sound even more focussed and the vocals even more retarded, so i will save up up the magical 6 points for it!

So what I am trying to say is basically this:

Get this shit before those 2 Copenhagen dudes get smart enough to want money for it! Its Noisecore on the next digital level. No Kusari Gama Chill! its KILL KILL KILL!

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